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Stihl Shop Te Awamutu is a retailer and service agent for Honda Power Equipment.

Honda strives to produce the world’s cleanest and most efficient products from the world’s cleanest and most efficient factories. When you buy a Honda Power Product you buy something that is more than the sum of it’s parts. That’s because every Honda product is designed and engineered to be the leader in it’s field.

Put simply, Honda is passionate about improving on perfection. That’s why every Honda product is built to be the best and to deliver optimum performance, reliability and economy. Honda’s advanced engineering delivers the world’s best engines year after year.

Honda produces approximately 5 million general purpose engines per year in Japan and in eight other countries around the world. We integrate them into our own products as well as supply them to various power product manufacturers around the globe.

Honda is dedicated to the challenge of applying new technologies and achieving top performance.Throughout the decades Honda has consistently designed and engineered 4-stroke technology that is without parallel and believe engines shouldn’t just be built to perform – they should do so with maximum efficiency and economy. That’s the Honda Advanced 4 Technology difference, and that’s why more and more New Zealanders are choosing to upgrade to Honda.