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Built with superior materials, technology and craftsmanship to produce more heat with less emissions, every Firenzo wood burning fire is 100% New Zealand made, hand assembled, and meticulously checked before being installed in your home. They are cost effective and environmentally clean.

Firenzo fireplaces are a smart heating choice and a stylish addition to your home.

The Firenzo quality difference:

  • Advanced secondary air technology for more heat and less emissions.
  • Built to last with the best materials including cast iron tops on most freestanding models.
  • The steel firebox is double lined with quality kiln bricks and ceramic casing.
  • Skamolex™ bricks promote an intense burn producing dry, healthy heat.
  • Enhanced heat-retention with a fully lined firebox ensures your fire continues to radiate gentle heat throughout the night.
  • All fires utilise the safety features of Robax™ glass to keep you safe and warm.
  • Unique water heating unit in the upper firebox chamber makes use of the high temperature secondary gases giving superior water heating efficiency. Room heating energy is not wasted to heat cold water.